Conveyor Belt Hot Splicing Material

  • Our uncured cover rubber and uncured skim rubber are universally used for Steel Cord Belt and Fabric Belt

  • The uncured skim rubber Steel Wire Pull Out Strength ≥5500N, supports sending you free samples for testing.

  • Long Shelf life for Both uncured cover rubber&uncured skim rubber, over 24 months under normal storage conditions. Suitable for long-distance transportation

  • If the pressure is constant, our Hot Splicing Repair Materials can vulcanize twice after a power outage

    Beltcare Solution- Conveyor Belt Hot Splicing Material Manufacturer

    • Advanced production & inspection equipment and a strict quality control system guarantee reliable quality

    • Both Uncured cover rubber and Uncured intermediate rubber have High Tensile Strength&Elongation at break

    • Variety Types&Sizes hot splicing repair materials can be customized

    • Installation & Construction guidance can be supplied, and Oversea On-Site construction service is available as needed

    Multiple Conveyor Belt Hot Splicing Material For Your Choose

    Uncured Top Cover Rubber for Splicing

    Uncured Top Cover Rubber Sheet (Top Cover)

    Uncured Top Rubber Sheet(Cover Stock) is an uncured rubber for hot vulcanized belt splicing.

    Uncured Intermediate Rubber

    Uncured Intermediate Rubber (Skim Rubber)

    Uncured Intermediate Rubber is designed to bond to cured cover rubber in all standard grades of steel cord and fabric conveyor belts

    Hot Splicing Repair Materials

    Belt Noodle Gum

    Belt noodle gum is used as a noodle rubber for steel cord belt splicing or finger splicing of fabric belt

    Conveyor Belt Hot Vulcanizing FAQ

    We owned a plant specialized in producing conveyor repair & splicing material and pulley lagging. Meanwhile, we sourcing & distributing the other conveyor components.

    Yes, samples are available for free, But we don’t bear the express cost.

    You have 14 calendar days to return the product with the quality problem from the date you received it

    For regular products, it will be 6-8 working days;

    For customization products, the leading time depends on our production line.

    Yes, we can make customized characteristics, labels & logos.

    SAFETY CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL FOR MINING PRODUCTS; All products meet or exceed quality standards and quality control procedures conform to the strict requirements of the industry standards.

    Conveyor Belt Hot Vulcanizing Service

    Conveyor Belt Hot Vulcanizing – Definitive Guide

    The conveyor belt joints can be divided into two kinds: hot vulcanized splicing and cold vulcanizing splicing. Cold vulcanizing splicing is fast and high efficiency, but it is only used for the emergency joint of a variety of conveyor belts.

    What is Hot splicing?

    Hot splicing is a method of repair that uses both heat, time, and pressure to re-splice a belt. Hot splicing allows the damaged belt to its former strength, offering reduced corrosion and increased life. The hot vulcanizing procedures offer added durability that other methods lack and extend the longevity of a belt.

    As it creates the highest return to original belt strength, it is ideal for splicing, cuts or tears, holes, or breakdowns between steel cords and fabric. It can be executed in dusty environments and is suitable for all types of belts with varying widths and thicknesses.

    As the conveyor belt starts to use, it is necessary to bond two ends of the belt through a splicing operation initially. Meanwhile, if the belt is worn and broken during use, it needs to trim broken parts and produce new jointing for splicing. A conveyor belt splice needs to make several times during the entire user life, hot Splicing is the best operation for conveyor belt jointing.

    Types Of Hot Splicing Repair Material

    There are two types of hot splicing material for conveyor belts, including Uncured Cover Rubber(Top Cover) and Uncured Intermediate Rubber(Tie Gum), they are used to join or repair fabric & steel cord belts by hot vulcanized belt splicing.

    Uncured cover rubber is designed to bond to cured cover rubber in all standard grades of steel cord and fabric conveyor belts. It has high tensile strength and wears resistance. Uncured cover rubber is better to be used as a cover rubber replacement material for splicing a conveyor belt. It can enhance the working life of steel cord splices, and improve wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and impact resistance of the steel cord belt.

    Uncured Intermediate Rubber(Uncured Skim Rubber) is designed to use as an inter-core cord rubber replacement material in splicing steel cord conveyor belts or a tie gum in fabric belts. Beltcare uncured skim rubber Steel Wire Pull Out Strength ≥5500N(test condition: SS wire diameter 5mm, Vulcanizing Temperature 145℃), and Elongation at break≥300%,  We selected high-quality hot splicing materials to achieve the same performance of the splices as the original conveyor belt.

    Conveyor Belt Hot Splicing Application

    In practical applications, the integrity of the splice is critical to minimizing the risk of downtime. the Uncured Cover rubber&Uncured Skim Rubber is unvulcanized raw rubber film.

    They splices with two uncured rubber to be completely after heating & pressuring by the vulcanizer, a strong belt splice relies on two important factors: the skill of the operator; and the quality of the splicing materials being used.

    Our Uncured Cover Rubber& Skim rubber are designed for use in step splicing and finger splicing of belts, they are tried and tested successfully domestic


    High-quality Hot splicing repair materials have Long-Shelf life in common storage conditions, up to 24 months, it is suitable for long-distance transportation.

    Our Uncured Cover Rubber Elongation at break≥500%, DIN abrasion loss≤140, Meanwhile, the Uncured Skim Rubber Elongation at break≥300%, Steel Wire Pull Out Strength≥5500N( under the test condition: SS wire diameter 5mm, Vulcanizing Temperature 145℃).

    Protective Film Color, Sizes, or per roll measurement can be customized.

    The free samples are supported to send for your testing.

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