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Ceramic Pulley Lagging

Ceramic Pulley Lagging is designed to be applied to conveyor drive pulleys operating in extreme conditions. It is suitable for use in wet and dirty conditions and high belt tension applications. It can also be used in conditions of dirt, icing, or steep slopes


Ceramic Pulley Lagging is a premium lagging where the ceramic tiles are molded into a rubber compound. This makes for excellent traction, eliminates slippage, and offers excellent abrasion resistance. Ceramic Pulley Lagging is especially suited for pulleys with slippage and excessive wear & tear problems which make regular rubber lagging ineffective. It is widely used in drive pulleys and can also be used on snub, bend, and tail pulleys.

It is available for the following types according to the different ceramic tile coverage :

1. 45% Ceramic Tiles Coverage.

It is the Popular type for general purposes, she provides the solution when conventional rubber lagging fails to correct belt slippage and wear problems.

2. 59% Ceramic Tiles Coverage

Anti-Slipping Purpose. It features high friction and is suitable for drums with slippage and excessive wear and tear problems making regular conveyor rubber lagging ineffective.

3. 100% Ceramic Tiles Coverage

It features superior long service life and is mainly used on non-drive pulleys due to smooth&solid of ceramic surface

4. 15% Ceramic Tiles Coverage

Economic Purpose. It is cheap and mainly used on the head drums as well as bend or tail drums.


  1. Material: BR/NR/SBR + 95 Model ceramic tile
  2. Adhesion between ceramic tile and rubber>10kgf/mm2; Adhesion between ceramic lagging and surface of metal>12kgf/mm2
  3. Tear Strength> 13kgf/mm2,  Elongation at break> 300% , Permanent deformation at break<30% ,
  4. Ceramic Pulley Lagging Surface Friction Coefficient:0.75-0.84
  5. The authentic CN Layer (Bonding Layer) of Beltcare Solution Conveyor Ceramic Pulley Lagging doesn’t need to be sanded before use, it can be directly bonded with cold vulcanizing adhesive.
  6. Easy to install with fewer joins, one product suits varying pulley face widths
  7. Flame Retardant Type is available

Package & Stock Dimension

Stock Dimension:

  • 12mm,15mm,20mm thick, and 500mm wide.
  • Length up to 10m. More sizes can be customized.


  1. Normal packing: Plywood case and pallet
  2. Inner plus the plastic, suitable for ocean shipping
  3. A customized package is available.