Fabric Reinforced Repair Strip

Fabric Reinforced Repair Strip(repair band) is made by neoprene based CN bonding layer on one side and NR & SBR etc rubber compound, it reinforced with fabric layer to increase tensile strength. Our Fabric Reinforced Repair Strips produced complying with global standards including DIN, AS(Australia), EN-ISO(Europe), etc.


Item Description Size ( thick*W*L) mm
1 Standard repair strip 2.2*100*10000
2 Standard repair strip 3.2*150*10000
3 Standard repair strip 3.2*220*10000
4 Standard repair strip 3.2*220*10000
5 Standard repair strip 3.2*220*10000
6 Fabric reinforced strip 3.6*100*10000
7 Fabric reinforced strip 4.6*150*10000
8 Fabric reinforced strip 4.6*220*10000
9 Fabric reinforced strip 4.8*300*10000
10 Fabric reinforced strip 4.8*400*1000

Customized Sizes available


Fabric Reinforced Repair Strip( band )is mainly used for the repair of damage to conveyor belt ply and covers or steel cord conveyors in heavy operating conditions or applications, which require maximum tear strength and puncture resistance;
Fabric reinforced repair strips with bonding layer for cold repair and joining of conveyor belts. BL layer with beveled/waved edge to allow repair stripes(bands) to completely merge with the existing conveyor belt cover.
Both two kinds of Standard & Fabric Reinforced Repair Strips used for conveyor system applications in the Mining, Quarrying, and Mineral and Metals processing industries but used on conveyor belts in any application where required.
They are also used for the reinforcing of rubber joins in impact curtains, transfer sleeves or loading socks or any application where the rubber is bonded together or repaired.


For optimized result cold repair of belt damage, we recommend using TRS/REMA TIPTOP adhesive and hardener.

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