Polyurethane Scraper Conveyor Primary Belt Cleaner

The primary belt cleaner is installed under the center line of the head drum. It is suitable for primary cleaning of materials with large water content, and for one-way operation, cleaning of the conveyor belt of mechanical, cold, or hot vulcanized joints,  protecting the belt from damage and prolonging the service life of the belt.



  1. Special PUR rubber and plastic composite scraping board, together with the superior unique structure makes our cleaner can bear the gravity of heavy-duty transport equipment and maintain the belt cleaning.
  2. PUR blades are designed with self-adjusting spring tensioners which make sure consistent pressure and effective cleaning when the blade wears or belt jumps, the scraper will follow up automatically to ensure good contact.
  3.  It is easy to install and adjust on-site, and convenient for maintenance. the service life of the scraper is prolonged
  4. Applicable Belt Width:500-2200mm, Belt Speed:≦4.5 m/s


Conveyor Belt Cleaners keep belts clean, eliminating carryback and making conveyor systems safer and more productive. The cleaners have a sturdy PUR blade that provides effective removal of material from belt conveyors handling coal, cement, mining, and other industry fields.