Pulley Lagging Material

Conveyor pulley lagging is essential to improve conveyor belt performance, the combination of our pulley lagging can reduce belt slippage, improve tracking, and extends the life of the belt, bearing & other components.

We supplied both plain and diamond patterned pulley lagging with specially developed rubber compound and their plain & pattern surface proved to eliminate belt slippage, increase pulley life, improve water shedding and boost productivity.

And a premium level of Ceramic Pulley Lagging is offered to be better used to extends the conveyor life, reduce wear, prevents belt slippage and create a self-cleaning action.


  1. Cold vulcanized pulley lagging is generally divided into Ceramic Pulley Lagging, Diamond Rubber Pulley Lagging, and Plain Rubber Lagging. Their advantages are as following:
  2. On-site installation, Easy to operate; High efficiency and Save cost.
  3. Diamond Rubber Lagging has superior Abrasion Resistant which can extend rubber life and ensure conveyor system productivity. It increases the coefficient of friction between the drive pulley and conveyor belt, increasing grip and reducing slippage, improving drive and tracking of the conveyor belt.
  4. Ceramic Pulley Lagging generally has 40% ceramic tiles coverage(The other ceramic coverage of 15%,59%, and 100% are available as custom request), it increases the coefficient of friction and maximizes grip. The ceramic tiles grooves are for shedding dirt and water away from the pulley to obtain self-cleaning function.
  5. The plain lagging can be used to eliminate belt spillage, water-shedding, and increase pulleys’ service life.  Furthermore, we also provide the lagging filler is made of 200/220mm diamond lagging strip.


The Drum is the power source for the conveyor system. It is gradually oxidized in harsh working conditions and some chemicals will chemically corrode it too. Therefore, it is necessary to cover with Corrosion Resistant & Aging Resistance Pulley Lagging to protect the drum.

For the conveyor systems, they often have to perform in the most difficult conditions, such as rain and sludge, which cause slippage between the conveyor belt and pulleys because of the friction coefficient between the two parts. Such damages are not only expensive to repair but also time-consuming and cause enormous loss due to downtime. The conveyor belt needs good traction with the driver pulley to prevent slips that can cause major damage.

In a word, the Ceramic Pulley Lagging&Rubber Pulley Lagging between the rubber on the drum surface and the belt can make the belt run without slipping. they could extend the service life of the both conveyor belt and drum.


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