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Diamond Repair Patch

Diamond repair patches are used for minor damage repair of the conveyor belt, they are designed as material for simple quick, and durable repair of surface damage on the conveyor belt, they mainly make in Rhomboid and Round Shapes.


Item Description Size ( thick*W*L) mm
1 Standard Diamond Patch 2.4*130*160
2 Standard Diamond Patch 2.4*200*260
3 Standard Diamond Patch 2.4*270*360
4 Fabric Diamond Patch 3.8*135*160
5 Fabric Diamond Patch 3.8*200*260
6 Fabric Diamond Patch 3.8*270*360
7 Round Repair Patch 50*2
8 Round Repair Patch 80*2.5
9 Round Repair Patch 120*3.3

Customized Sizes Available


Our Diamond Repair Patches produced complying with global standards including DIN, AS(Australia), EN-ISO(Europe) etc.

1. Availability: Standard and FRAS.
2. The belt is usable once it finished the repair
3. The repair may last as long as the original belt remains in service.
4. Bonding layer can easily operate to repair the belt surface and completely merge together with cold vulcanizing cement.


Packer: 1roll/box,  5boxes/carton, plywood case is available as required

carton of cold vulcanized repair material