Cold Bond Repair Material

Cold Bond Repair Material

Rubber Repair Strip (Repair Rectangular Patch) is made by synthetic rubber compound with superior quality neoprene based bonding layer on one side. It is highly tensile strength, high wear resistant and 60 Duro natural rubber strips designed for repair the damage of conveyor belt covers.

As Conveyor belts are often exposed to heavy stress, this leads to wear and tear on the belt, surface damage or even holes, repair such damage with our repair materials for cold repair of belts fast and efficiently.

Furthermore, it can be used to repair longitudinal breaches, damaged top coat, damaged edges of the belt or bonding rubber to steel surface too.


  1. Cold Bond Repair is easy to operate and fast installation, rapid cure time allowing for normal use of conveyor belt in as little as one hour.
  2. Beltcare Conveyor Repair Strips or Patches have characteristic of High tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and each product is supplied with CN Bonding layer, together With TIPTOP / TRS cold Vulcanized cement, this will achieve ultimate adhesion when bonded to rubber conveyor belt surfaces.
  3. BELTCARE Rubber Repair Strips or Patches are supplied a feathered edge to allow the repair strip or patch to completely merge with the existing conveyor belt cover.


During the bulk material conveying of the belt, various damages may occur due to material dumping, falls. Such as longitudinal tearing, edge damage, gouged, deep punctured and so on. For these questions, we need to evaluate whether the belt is repaired or replaced.

If the fabric conveyor cover rubber wear is near the limit, the tear is more than 7 points per meter length, the horizontal puncture reaches 1/3 of the belt width, it need to replace the damaged part with a new belt. However, most of the damages can be repaired by cold vulcanization repair.


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