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Standard Repair Strip

Standard Repair Strip (Repair Rectangular Patch) is made by synthetic rubber compound with superior quality neoprene based bonding layer on one side. It is highly elastic, high wear-resistant, and 60 Duro natural rubber strips designed for use to repair the damage of conveyor belt covers. As the authorized organization test result, all our Rubber Repair Strips (Patches) bonding strength reach or exceed  8Mpa.


Item Description Size ( Thick*W*L) mm
1 Standard Repair Strip 2.2*100*10000
2 Standard Repair Strip 3.2*150*10000
3 Standard Repair Strip 3.2*220*10000
4 Standard Repair Strip 3.4*300*10000
5 Standard Repair Strip 3.4*400*10000
6 Fabric Reinforced Strip 3.6*100*10000
7 Fabric Reinforced Strip 4.6*150*10000
8 Fabric Reinforced Strip 4.6*220*10000
9 Fabric Reinforced Strip 4.8*300*10000
10 Fabric Reinforced Strip 4.8*400*1000

More customized sizes are available.
For optimized result cold repair of belt damage, we recommend using TRS/REMA/Nilos adhesive&hardener.


1. It doesn’t need to remove the conveyor belt from the conveyor system. It is quick in repair and easy to operate, thus maintaining your conveyor belt system in good operational condition.
2. The conveyor belt can be used once the repair operation finished.
3. The repair may last as long as the original belt remains in service
4. Label & Package and Sizes can be Customized
5. All strips feature a bonding layer which offers superior adhesion when they bond to the rubber conveyor belt surface; to achieve ultimate bond strength, the TRS & REMA & Nilos cold vulcanizing cement is recommended
6. Both beveled and feather edges are available
7. Our Rubber Repair Strips (Band) are produced complying with global standards including DIN, AS (Australia), EN-ISO (Europe) etc.

packer of Rubber Repair Strip with bonding layer