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Beltcare Solution is committed to being your reliable one-stop for all conveyor requirements, so we keep developing a whole range of conveyor maintenance products such as Impact Bars, Conveyor Belt Cleaners, Tungsten Carbide Buffing Discs, Two Component Repair Strips, Belt Repair kits, and other conveyor accessories. We are also supplying  Adhesive & Solvent.


  1.  The impact bar is mainly designed for large heavy bulk material and is suitable for conveyor equipment under extreme working conditions, it has characteristics of being High Wear Resistant, shock-absorbing, easy to replace, and is mainly used to protect the belt from damage, shortens downtime and improves productivity.
  2. The belt cleaning system includes a standard primary cleaner, secondary cleaner, spray bar, and cleaning box. Each method is effectively used for different purposes. choosing the qualified equipment to solve the carrying problem
  3. The other conveyor belt accessories such as Cold Vulcanizing Adhesive, Tungsten Carbide Buffing Disc, Two Component Repair Strips(FA Compound A/B), Belt Repair Kits, skirt rubber etc are controlled to be consistently excellent quality.


1. Impact bar can point to a conveyor belt blanking shock protection, preventing conveyor crushing, scratching, and tearing. Use it with conveyor belt skirt board, which has a good sealing effect between guide chutes and conveyor belts.

2. The belt cleaner can better clean the surface of the conveyor belt and it can bear the gravity of the heavy-duty transport equipment and maintain stable belt cleaning, it is suitable for one-way operation, mechanical, cold or hot vulcanized joint conveyor belt cleaning.

3. The other conveyor belt accessories such as the Skirt board used for the seal between belt conveyor and chute. The cold vulcanizing adhesive is used to bond rubber to rubber, rubber to metal, rubber to fabric, and fabric to fabric; each kind of repair tool, belt fastens are all used for the conveyor system. All kinds of conveyor belt accessories are important complements for bulk material handling & conveying.


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