Screw Splice Conveyor Belt Fastening System

Super Screw Splice Conveyor Belt Fastening System is a new rubber conveyor belt splice method, It is a significant advancement in conveyor belt splicing, offering notable advantages such as quick installation, high stability, low consumption, and extended lifespan.


Super Screw Splice is a new style of Conveyor Belt Splice Way.

Its features as follows:

  1. Innovative Design: The Screw Splice Conveyor Belt Fastening System is designed to offer an innovative and efficient solution for connecting conveyor belts.
  2. Versatility: It is often versatile and suitable for a variety of applications, including both flat and inclined conveyor belt splices. This versatility makes it applicable in a wide range of industrial settings.
  3. Center Positioning: The Screw Splice Conveyor Belt Fastening System typically includes a feature that allows for precise center positioning of the upper and lower sections of the conveyor belt. This ensures accurate alignment during the jointing process.
  4. Adjustable Features: Some designs could include adjustable components, such as center-limiting bars, which can be customized to accommodate different conveyor belt core thicknesses. This adaptability enhances the lateral (sideways) strength of the belt joint.
  5. Installation Advantages: One of the key advantages of this Screw Splice Conveyor Belt Fastening System is its quick and straightforward installation process. It often eliminates the need for adhesives or complicated jointing procedures, saving time and labor.
  6. Enhanced Tensile Strength: The Screw Splice Conveyor Belt Fastening System design may incorporate special joint bolts and self-tapping screws, increasing the tensile strength at the joint interface.
  7. Stability: The simplified installation process makes it accessible to a wider range of personnel, reducing the need for specialized technical skills. This simplicity contributes to the stability and reliability of the joint.
  8. Wide Range of Applications: The Screw Splice Conveyor Belt Fastening System can be used in various environments, including those with limited space, slopes, and elevated areas. It is often resistant to factors such as high temperatures and humidity, which can affect adhesive-based jointing methods.
  9. High-Temperature Applications: This Screw Splice Conveyor Belt Fastening System is particularly suitable for high-temperature conveyor belts, which are often made of materials like EPDM rubber. These belts can be challenging to join using traditional methods due to poor adhesion and difficulty in secondary curing.


The Screw Splice Conveyor Belt Fastening System can find applications in various industries where conveyor belts are used. Some of the common industries and scenarios where this product may be applied include:

  1. Manufacturing: Conveyor belts are frequently used for material handling and production processes in manufacturing facilities.
  2. Mining: In the mining industry, conveyor belts transport materials such as ore, coal, and minerals.
  3. Agriculture: Conveyor belts are used in agricultural settings for tasks like grain handling and sorting.
  4. Logistics and Distribution: Conveyor systems are essential in warehouses and distribution centers for efficient package sorting and transportation.
  5. Food Processing: Conveyor belts are used in food processing plants for transporting food products along production lines.
  6. High-Temperature Environments: This conveyor belt connector’s suitability for high-temperature conveyor belts makes it valuable in industries that involve extreme heat, such as certain metal processing applications.
  7. Where Quick and Reliable Belt Splices Are Needed: Any application that requires a reliable and quick conveyor belt splice can benefit from this type of Screw Splice Flexible Rubber Fastening System.super screw conveyor belt splice suppliersuper screw splice