Tungsten Carbide Buffing Disc

Tungsten Carbide Buffing Disc is designed for buffing rubber and fabric. It makes the surface rougher to increase the bonding effect which the ordinary wire wheels can not match while avoiding the aging process of the buffing surface.


  1. Tungsten steel grinding discs and rollers for conveyor belt repair plastic bag such as grinding, it is recommended to use an L1202 angle grinder. Size points K18, K23, K26, specifications 175mm * 2mm, 125mm * 2mm. Grinding rubber and polyester products of specialized tools, long service life. Tungsten steel grinding discs, strong durability.
  2. Faster buffing, improve work time greatly.
  3. Tungsten steel grinding disc is mainly used for conveyor belt joint, belt maintenance, surface roughening them to avoid the heat generated during grinding, resulting in the aging conveyor belt, while greatly improving efficiency.