Returned Goods Policy:

Beltcare Solution products are guaranteed for a period of 1 years . The guarantee condition is any performance failure occurs within warranty period caused by non-human damage. There is no charge for replacing or repairing defective products.


Warranty Claim Procedures:

  • Please assist us in providing the following information to replace goods or return
  • 1) Original invoice issued by us.
  • 2) PI number, product code and quantity.
  • 3) Descriptions of defective products. (When and how the problems occur, any details will be helpful)
  • 4) Photos or videos are the most useful information for both of us.


Follow-up Procedures:

  • 1) Inspecting the returned product within 7 working days.
  • 2) Once we acquire the testing results, it will be sent to our customers within 2 working days.
  • 3) Discussing and confirming the final solutions with our customers within 3 working days.
  • 4) Implementing the final solution upon the agreement made between us within 3 working days.



  • 1) Product had been modified by the user or not installed or maintained according to standard operation
  • 2) Product was subject to unusual using or wrong store, or negligence.
  • 3) Other damages caused after receipt of product by customer.
  • 4) If returned product is found to be non-damaged, the product will be returned to customer, at customer’s expense.
  • 5)  Any return without authorization of BELTCARE SOLUTION will not be accepted.



Quality Guarantee:

We guarantee every time shipment quality consistency and trace-ability, our Quality Control process is as follows:

1. Raw Rubber Compound selected reliable quality Material

2. Rubber Formula performance test, it include followed testing items:

  • Rubber Tensile Test
  • Rubber hardness test
  • Rubber density test
  • Rubber aging resistant test
  • Rubber wear test
  • Rubber cross-linking reacting test
  • Rubber low-temperature test
  • Rubber anti-static test

3. Rubber mold quality control

4. Press Vulcanization quality control, trained engineer control the vulcanizer to maximum utilize the  rubber property.

5. Finished products quality improvement&inspection control

6. Warehousing & Packing standard control