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Est.1998, Beltcare solution is a leading conveyor belt maintenance products manufacturer in China, our conveyor belt accessories factory has been developing for more than 20 years from an individual workshop to a professional corporation. Our conveyor belt components include Cold bond repair material, Hot splicing repair materials, Rubber & Ceramic pulley lagging, Impact Bar, and Conveyor Belt Cleaner. Nowadays, our conveyor belt maintenance products have been exported to over 40 countries & regions worldwide, we won valued customers reasoned of exceptional quality & service and competitive prices. Our conveyor belt repair materials have been widely used in Mining & minerals, Coal, Cement, Power, Aggregate, Steel, Port, and Heavy industrial sectors, etc. We are always dedicating ourselves to offering customers excellent conveyor belt vulcanizing service.

Conveyor Belt Repair and Pulley Lagging Installation Service

One-Stop Solution for Conveyor Belt  Maintenance

  • Advanced production & inspection equipment and a strict quality control system guarantee reliable quality

  • Over 20 years of working experience in the conveyor belt maintenance field

  • All the Repair Materials&Pulley Laggings’ CN Layer can be directly bonded and don’t need to be sanded before use

  • We focus on supplying High-grade quality full range of conveyor components: cold bond repair material, pulley lagging, hot splicing  materials, impact bar, Conveyor Cleaner, and other conveyor accessories

Cold Bond Repair Material

Cold Bond Repair Material

Pulley Lagging Material

Pulley Lagging Material

Hot Splicing Repair Materials

Hot Splicing Repair Materials

Impact bed

Accessories & Components

Standard Conveyor Component Products

Beltcare Solution offers a full range of conveyor belt repair products that combine Cold Bond Repair & Hot Splicing Repair Materials, Rubber & Ceramic Pulley Lagging, Impact Bar, Cleaner…

Our Latest Conveyor Belt Repair Projects for Reference

Beltcare Solution has an independent engineer team for conveyor belt repair and maintenance, most of them have at least 5 years of industry experience. We have got more than 50 distributor partners in the world.

Why 50+ Distributor Partners Choose Us

Conveyor Maintenance Expert FAQ

We owned a plant specialized in producing conveyor repair & splicing material and pulley lagging. Meanwhile, we sourcing & distributing the other conveyor components.

Yes, samples are available for free, But we don’t bear the express cost.

You have 14 calendar days to return the product with the quality problem from the date you received it

For regular products, it will be 6-8 working days;

For customization products, the leading time depends on our production line.

Yes, we can make customized characteristics, labels & logos.

SAFETY CERTIFICATE OF APPROVAL FOR MINING PRODUCTS; All products meet or exceed quality standards and quality control procedures conform to the strict requirements of the industry standards.

Views Our Believed Clients

Our Partner

Communication is the biggest problem in international trade, and every time I am very careful to confirm all the details. In the past 4 years of cooperation with Beltcare solution, the only major incident we had was the communication problem, which caused the product label on the product carton to be inconsistent. We were very angry at that time, the atmosphere was very tight, and no one wanted to have this problem. In the end, Beltcare solution took the initiative to take responsibility, and we agreed half-half to take responsibility for this.

Although we will be controversial, they can actively communicate and accept the compensation, so I am very reliant on their character. Later, we strengthened communication and communication, and cooperation is becoming more and more skilled. Now it is already a strategic partner.

Ashish from Indonesia

I met Beltcare solution at the 15th Beijing Mining exhibition when I just left the contact. Although David has been tirelessly following up on our cooperation, our company has a strict supplier review process. From 2015 to 2017 years, we have no cooperation.

Until October 17th, the suppliers we worked with had problems. Our conveyor belt repair materials were told not to be delivered. If the goods could not be delivered on time, our conveyor belt maintenance project would lose nearly 30,000 US dollars. As a last resort, we tried to talk to David, and then started the first cooperation with Beltcare Solution. Although we tried to order large quantities for the first time, we could not do anything about it. Finally, we are pleasantly surprised that Beltcare solution is not only more competitive in terms of price, but also very skilled in quality control. The order we temporarily added to the order, we have to arrange it, it is very necessary for the supplier to cooperate, but they are very timely to help us produce and send the goods. Here I am very grateful to David for timely follow-up and their company’s cooperation.

Rodrigo from Brazil

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