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Diamond Rubber Pulley Lagging

Diamond Rubber Pulley Lagging is designed primarily for use as lagging of conveyor belt pulleys to increase grip and reduce wear and corrosion of the Drive Pulleys shell.


  • Our pulley lagging CN layer doesn’t need to polish before use, it could bond directly
  • Reduced Belt Slippage
  • Extend Belt and Pulley Service Life


Diamond Rubber Lagging comes with Bonding Layer for better adhesion levels, it is often applied in order to extend the life of the shell by providing a replaceable wearing surface or to improve the friction between the belt and the diamond. It is also used for spare pulleys when one doesn’t know the direction of rotation. The diamond rubber lagging is available with FRAS and oil-resistant grades.

  • Thick:10mm ,12mm,15mm,20mm  ,
  • Width.:1000mm.2000mm ;
  • Length can be customized.


It is mainly used for conveyor system applications in the mining, coal, cement quarrying and mineral&metals processing etc industries but can be used on conveyor pulleys in any application where required.


  • Normal packing: Plywood case, Pallet
  • Inner plus the plastic, suitable for ocean shipping
  • A custom package is available.