How to Select Conveyor Belt Repair Strip? How do you fix your broken conveyor belt? Is there any way that is reliable and can repair it easily? Using a conveyor belt strip is a great choice to help you repair your damaged conveyor belt.

There are two main methods to repair the conveyor belt at present, using a rubber vulcanization solution or a rubber repair strip. When there is any wear on the belt surface, you can use the rubber vulcanization solution to repair it. With this method, you just need to polish and clean the damaged surface, and then apply the rubber vulcanization repair agent to the surface. but this solution material isn’t stable in the current market.

So once your conveyor belt has some surface damage, including holes, and tears, you will need a rubber repair strip(patch) to finish this repair. Match with a cold vulcanizing adhesive, you can use a rubber repair strip with the CN layer to repair the belt on-site easy and conveniently

1. Conveyor Belt Repair Strip Types

A conveyor belt repair strip can be used for repairing local damage, long-distance belt scratches, and sealing between the cold adhesive head portion. It is generally divided into two types, standard repair strips, and reinforced repair strips.

Different common specifications are available in the conveyor belt repair tapes: 100mm\150mm\220mm\300mm\400mm. We need to choose the appropriate repair strip according to the actual situation of the conveyor belt.

The front side of the rubber repair strip is made of wear-resistant rubber, and the back side is a semi-vulcanized CN bonding layer, which forms a cold vulcanization reaction with the cold vulcanization adhesive to strengthen the bonding strength of the damaged surface of the belt.

Beltcare Solution takes the commonly used conveyor belt repair strip as an example to introduce the next conveyor belt repair procedure in detail.

1) Reinforced Repair Strip

Compared with standard repair strips, Fabric reinforced repair strip contains a high strength fabric inside, this type of rubber repair strip has a superior breaking force, which is suitable for the longitudinal tearing repair of the conveyor belt and the repair of structural damage.

See the authoritative test data as follows: Fabric Layer Lateral Tearing Force(N/mm):89.5; Fabric Layer Longitudinal Tearing force(N/mm):218

Anyhow, both the standard rubber repair strip and the reinforced rubber repair strip are definitely good choices for conveyor belt damage.

2) Standard Repair Strip

The standard repair strip is made of a synthetic rubber compound with superior quality neoprene-based bonding layer on one side. It is highly elastic, high wear-resistant, leakproof,cutting-resistance, waterproof, and flame retardant.  the standard rubber repair strip is suitable for the long distance scratch of the conveyor belt.

Besides, the standard rubber repair strip has a good fit and outstanding flexibility, you can use it to treat the sealing between belt cold joint sealing face and non-face.

All of our rubber repair strips have the authentic CN layer(bonding layer), they don’t need to polish before use and can be bonded directly.  And the authentic CN layer another characteristic is that the bonding layer adhesive Force increases with time, while the adhesion of the inferior bonding layer Adhesion doesn’t change over time.

2. Rubber Repair Strip Size Selection

The width of the repair strip is mostly used in the three specifications, 100mm, 150mm, and 220mm. Here are the common specifications of conveyor belt repair strips (take our commonly used conveyor belt repair strips as an example)

The specifications of standard repair strips (without fabric reinforcement) (thickness * width * length) are as follows:

2.2*100*10000mm; 3.2*150*10000mm; 3.2*220*10000mm; 3.4*300*10000, mm; 3.4*400*10000mm

Reinforced repair strip (with fabric reinforcement layer) (thickness * width * length) specifications are as follows:

3.6*100*10000mm; 4.6*150*10000mm; 4.6*220*10000mm; 4.8*300*10000mm; 4.8*400*10000mm

Usually, the rubber repair strip width is 20-30mm wider than the edge of the damaged part of the belt. it could make the rubber repair strip merge with the conveyor belt well in patching.

conveyor belt repair mainteance

For the convenience of customers,  various sizes of conveyor belt repair strips are available, such as the following widths: 50mm, 75mm,100mm,150mm,220mm,300mm,400mm,500mm, etc, all sizes can be customized.

And we supply a full range of conveyor belt repair materials including Rubber Repair Strips, Rectangular Repair Patches, Diamond Repair Patches, CN Filler Rubber, and EP Repair Fabric and other custom rubber repair patches

conveyor belt repair service

In order to better serve the customers, Maintenance&Installation guidance will be supplied as required, and overseas On-Site construction & maintenance service can be provided upon request

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