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Conveyor Rubber Skirting Sheet

Rubber Skirt is specially made of polyurethane and soft rubber, the rubber made of high-quality latex, and is resistant to highly abrasive and fine-grained materials. It used on the conveyor loading zone to keep material on the conveyor belt and reduce material spillage and dust.
The high wear resistance of polyurethane skirting makes long service life available, usually 3 times longer than rubber skirting board. It is also supplied with/without BL bonding layer, reinforcing fabric layer is also possible.


  1. Y Skirt (Dural Layer Structure) can increases leakproof seal 100%.
  2. Arc edge contact area between PU and Belt can protect from damage.
  3. Working Temperature:-40C- 120C.
  4. Size: Height:150–300mm; Thick: 10,15,20mm; Length: 10-30m or customized


Rubber Skirt used for the seal between belt conveyor and chute. It will reduce spillage, lower dust emissions, and decrease belt damage.