Two Component Repair Strips(FA Compound A/B)

Two-Component Repair Strips are made of a polymer material plus-function additive composition, It is used for filling injuries in belts and vulcanizes to a resilient 55-60 Shore A hardness


Two-Component Repair Strips (FA A & B compound), no solvents, quickly reach the intensity of work after a repair, quickly and efficiently.
After repair, chemical composition and physical properties are stable, with excellent wear resistance. Especially to rubber products repair.


FA A&B compound stored in ventilated, cool and dry place, according to the regulation of HG/T3075 storage, validity is one year. It still can be used when reinspected qualified after one year.

Item No. Item Name Specification  Application.
BKR018 A&B Compound 2.8x18x6200mm, 2KG/Carton T2 quick repair


  1. It used to repair conveyor belt surface and various rubber wear.
  2. Filled rubber gasket and pulley lagging connector or gap.
  3. Suitable for rubber-mixture.
  4. Using FA extruder gun(compound master) working.